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I am originally from Kansas City Missouri. I graduated in May of 2001 from Clemson University in South Carolina. Go Tigers! I hold teaching certificates in Special Education and Elementary Education. I taught at Walhalla Middle School, in South Carolina, for three years. I also taught at Walhalla High School for one year.

My husband and I moved to St. Louis in June of 2004. I taught in Missouri for two years and then decided to take a break from teaching to add to our family.

My oldest son started preschool this year. It has been wonderful, but it is certainly an enormous change in perspective as I transition from the teacher to the parent in the school system. My blog “On the Other Side of the Desk” is a way to hold onto the memories, celebrate the good times, and vent my frustrations with our new school experiences. Letting go and watching him grow up is exciting, but not always easy.

My son, Carson, was born on May 1, 2005. His pregnancy was a difficult one and I suffered from a high-risk pregnancy disease called hyperemesis gravidarum. I was working in a self-contained classroom for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. They were such misunderstood boys who tried hard to take care of their sick teacher. They even threw me a surprise baby shower and had a pinata they had filled with baby spoons, washclothes, bibs, etc. It is still one of the sweetest things anyone's ever done for me.

I got pregnant again in September and quickly found myself very sick. The HG was more severe than my pregnancy with Carson. I was unable to eat or drink at all without lots of medication. With massive amounts of medication I was able to drink about 8 ounces of fluid most days and I could occasionally eat some foods, but I threw up about 20 times+ a day even with the meds. I had a great OB, and he started me on home health nursing services at six weeks. I began on IV's and subcutaneous medications but quickly ran out of veins. I then got a PICC line inserted at 9 weeks and added two more medications to my daily routine. My PICC got infected just before Christmas and was removed but I maintained my weight with subcutaneous IV medications & fluids as well as oral meds.

On May 16, 2007 we had another little boy, named Nathan who was born healthy despite my weight loss and limited nutrition. We found out just before the new year, at a level 2 ultrasound that he has a clubfoot and would need lots of treatment beginning just a couple weeks after birth. That process has turned out to be remarkably easy, but I was sure scared when I got the news.

Read more about my experience with hyperemesis and find information to help yourself or a loved one who may have HG. This disease often goes undiagnosed and mothers suffering from this illness do not receive the proper treatment putting both the mother's and the baby's lives at risk.

Learn more about club foot and follow Nathan's treatment progress, using the Ponseti Method, with Dr. Dobbs at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

In case you are wondering why 'awesometeacher' was my choice of domain names... it is not because I think I am the greatest teacher of all. It started as a joke with my students in Walhalla. They got a kick out of the fact that I use the word “awesome” so often. Apparently that word has long since lost its cool. They loved to work it into conversation in my classroom and only the best work examples got “AWESOME” written across the page. So when I began this site, it was a way to make my lesson plans and assignments and class notes available to parents and students and there was no other domain name that I knew my students would forever remember.