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Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that parent involvement increases student achievement for all types and ages of students. Researchers point out that parents become less involved as their children grow older for many reasons: schools are bigger and farther from home, the curriculum is more sophisticated, each student has several teachers, parents of older students are more likely to be employed, and students are beginning to establish some sense of separation and independence from their parents.

During the teen years, parent involvement is extremely important because adolescence brings with it many new emotions, fears, and behaviors. Teens need to declare their independence but at the same time they want to feel protected. Adolescents have high levels of physical and emotional energy, which are often followed by periods of idleness. They take risks and love adventure, yet they are still sensitive and can get their feelings hurt very easily. Teens worry a lot about 'fitting in' and spend a great deal of time worrying about what their friends or family are thinking. In general, teens demand privileges and avoid responsibilities. All of these behaviors and feelings are normal and if we ask our own parents, they will tell us we were the same at their age.

While parent involvement may not be the same as in the elementary years, it is just as important. Parents can increase their child's academic success by staying involved.

Some ways you can be involved in your middle schoolers education and help him or her to be successful:

Created on... August 5, 2005